Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

Caledonian Alloys operates and conducts its business on a very clear set of social and business ethics. Central to its core philosophy is the equitable balance between those principals and the pursuit of profit for its shareholders.

The safety of its own people, customers and communities is its principal priority and the company endeavors to demonstrate sensitivity and respect for people, communities and the environment as it operates.

Caledonian Alloys intends to be an exemplary citizen in each of the many communities in which it operates. It aims to participate actively in the achievement of community goals in each of those localities.

Initiatives in relation to CSR:

The Environment
Ensure full compliance with all regulatory & environmental requirements. Ensure all its products and services are safe and its commitment to be in compliance, to prevent pollution and protect the natural environment are unmatched. To obtain ISO 14001 certification/ accreditation in all of its operating companies. To use energy and water efficiently.
The Community at Large
Encourage its employees to take responsibility for and support their communities with their time and financial resources. Support community-based programs and provide funding and equipment to the groups and charities supported by our employees. Be prepared to provide support in emergencies and disaster situations. Promotion of Sports, the Arts and National Education programs.
Health & Safety
To obtain OHSAS 18001 at all its facilities. CA will not be satisfied until its workplace is free from hazards and its employees injury free.
Ethics Point
PCC has selected Ethicspoint to provide PCC employees with simple, risk-free ways to anonymously and confidentially report actual or suspected activities that may involve criminal conduct or violations of PCC's Code of Business Conduct.

You may file a report by clicking on the following link: www.ethicspoint.com