Quality and Environmental Management

Quality Management

Delivering Quality Through Partnership 

The management of quality has been the very keystone of the business since it was established in 1996, and as early as 1997, Caledonian Alloys had achieved International Standards Organization (ISO) certification.

Caledonian Alloys’ customers either produce specialist alloys destined for use in safety-critical systems such as aero-engines, gas turbines and energy and chemical processing systems, or make those high performance components. To all of those customers, and therefore to Caledonian Alloys, quality assurance and material traceability is critical.

At all levels within the company, staff forge close working relationships with customers and suppliers to ensure they understand their specific needs in significant detail to enable them to meet and deliver their specific service requirements. As a result of these working relationships the company is able to meet their exacting quality standards with consistency.

Environmental Management

Leading the Field

Caledonian Alloys’ business is inherently an environmental management business since the whole raison d’etre is to promote and facilitate the re-use of scarce natural resources – metals. The company became the very first in the UK and US, within its niche sector, to become ISO 14001 certified in its key processing plants.

Caledonian Alloys’ focus on environmental management has in turn enabled many of its customers to extend the scope of their own exacting environmental management systems to include a key supplier, to their significant benefit.

With ISO 14001 certification accomplished in its key plants, the company is now poised to take lead in its sector once more by taking environmental management at Caledonian Alloys to the next level during 2007 and 2008.