About Us

Greenville Metals is a unique metallurgical resource with the ability to partner strategically with customers. We provide technology-based solutions and services worldwide for companies requiring air melt grade master alloys and conversion products.

Need a special metal or magnetic powder? How about an iron, nickel or cobalt-based alloy with a unique chemistry? Maybe you're looking for a facility that can perform exothermic reactions? What about a place that will help you turn scrap into usable alloy with a certified, uniform chemistry?

Our customers value us as a unique resource because they know that Greenville Metals has the plant, the equipment, the technical expertise and the desire to provide the solutions to some of their toughest metallurgical problems - all at a competitive price.

Greenville Metals, Inc. is a member of the C-M Group, a single source supplier to the investment casting industry. The C-M Group has the talent and resources to help you engineer solutions to your toughest problems.

Greenville Metals produces a wide range of products, in various sizes, from metallic powders, to shot, to ingots.