AOD Refining

Greenville Metals' electric arc furnace melting with AOD refining produces an air melt product for investment castersFor efficient and cost-effective refining of carbon, silicon, sulfur, and other oxidizable elements in stainless steels and many other alloys, the AOD process is a necessary step. Greenville Metals has a 20,000 pound AOD vessel in the electric arc furnace shop and years of experience in its use. AOD refining restores the low gas levels and exact specification chemistry to recycled materials. Greenville Metals’ is a major producer of master alloy for the investment casting industry.

Greenville Metals also produces metallic compounds such as vacuum grade nickel columbium and ferro columbium with exothermic reactions. These reactions utilize the extensive emission controls in our AOD shop.This facility allows us to be very responsive to our customer’s needs and to use the best available combination of raw materials to meet exact specifications while keeping prices low. Electric arc furnace products can be poured into rough shot, 15 pound pigs, or customized ingot sizes. Greenville Metals is a world leader in the production of alnico alloys and the reclaim of iron, nickel and cobalt alloy scrap.