Arc Furnace Melting

Arc Furnace MeltingElectric arc furnaces are extremely flexible in that they are capable of melting almost any form of metallic scrap including grindings, turnings and other low grade scrap. Greenville Metals has a unique electric arc furnace facility. Our 20,000 pound arc furnace has fast shell change capability with a total of seven complete furnace shells. This allows us to change alloy systems quickly without fear of contamination.

This facility allows us to be very responsive to our customer’s needs and to use the best available combination of raw materials to meet exact specifications while keeping prices low. Electric arc furnace products can be poured into rough shot, 15 pound pigs, or customized ingot sizes. Greenville Metals is a world leader in the production of alnico alloys and the reclaim of iron, nickel and cobalt alloy scrap.