Conversion Melting

Customers around the world depend on Greenville Metals to convert their scrap into certified, uniform chemistry alloys. Our plant receives scrap by truck and rail, and we have the ability to dry grindings before melting them in our arc furnace. Our huge warehouse facility assures we have the ability to mix and match materials so the alloy we return to our customers has the exact chemistry they need at a reasonable price.

Greenville Metals is a unique metallurgical resource. We have made our name by working with our clients to provide hard-to-find and hard-to-produce specialty metals. If you have metallurgical needs that are not being met by your suppliers, maybe it’s time to talk with a representative from Greenville Metals.

Greenville Metals' conversion services transform scrap into certified alloys with uniform chemistry while being able to scientifically select and melt samples (=500 pounds) to determine the average chemistry of a large lot of disparate scrap.