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Western Australian Specialty Alloys

About wasa

WASAWestern Australian Specialty Alloys (WASA) Pty Ltd. melting facilities were commissioned in late 1994.  Our state-of-the-art plant is situated in Perth, Western Australia.  WASA produces super alloy ingot for forging and, including ring roll, other closed-die forgings and general forging applications.  The ingot is used, either directly or by conversion, to billet.  The major alloy produced is IN718 in either double melt (VIM/VAR) or triple melt (VIM/VAR/ESR) form.  WASA also produces master melt barstock for use in casting applications or input stock for powder material.  We manufacture nickel and cobalt based superalloys for aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, and chemical applications.  WASA has approval from a number of end users for the use of its products in various aerospace and power generation applications.


Primary Vacuum Induction Melting

Our vacuum induction furnace has a melting capacity of 4 tons (8,800 lbs), 10 tons (22,000 lbs), or 15 tons (33,000 lbs) and can produce input stock for subsequent master melts or secondary melting.

Secondary Re-melting

Vacuum arc and electroslag refining produce sound ingots to the highest industry standards.  Western Australian Specialty Alloys triple melt capabilities provide "ultra-clean" final material.

WASA Products

Forging Ingots

Homogenized, cropped and conditioned, or as cast ingots for forging in 16", 18", 20", and 24" diameter (approx.) 4.5 tons.

  • Double Melt (VIM/VAR) Ingot
  • VIM/ESR Ingot
  • Triple Melt (VIM/ESER/VAR) Ingot

Master Melt Ingot

80 mm - 177 mm (3.35" - 7.00") diameter supplied as random length up to 1,000 mm (40") or cut to weight charges.

Examples of the Range of Alloy Types Produced:


  • IN718
  • 13-8MO
  • X-750
  • IN901
  • A-286
  • M-250


  • IN738LC
  • IN713LC
  • IN939
  • IN100
  • B1900
  • RENE80
  • RENE88
  • RENE95
  • PWA1422
  • PWA1484
  • PWA1426
  • C1023
  • MARM002
  • X45
  • FSX414

Contact Us

WA Specialty Alloys Pty Ltd
2-4 Hopewell Street
Canning Vale
Western Australia 6155
Phone: +61 8 9455 4111
Fax: +61 8 9455 4114
Time Coordinates: UTC/GMT +8 hours 

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