Wyman-Gordon Dillon, SC: Overview


Wyman-Gordon will be building a new manufacturing facility in Dillon, SC.  This project will include several phases over the next five years: phase one, beginning in 2015 will include a large (200k sq. ft.) heat treat facility for large aerospace and energy parts, a testing facility for performing non-destructive tests on machined aerospace parts, and a machining plant to machine critical aerospace parts. The machining plant will grow substantially as it is rolled out over the next five years.  This is in addition to the current 50k sq. ft. building that is currently on the site that will house our sonic inspection operations. 

All staffing updates will be found on this site and all our positions will be posted on precast.com/career/.


Coordinate Measuring System Technician (Metronor) - The CMS systems function in a 3D (3 Dimensional) environment.  The CMS Technician must be able to function in, relate to, and understand 3D coordinate systems and information to perform inspections on forgings and machined parts.

Dimensional Inspector – The dimensional inspector duties are to inspect forgings to determine conformance to blueprint specifications. Inspectors must know shop math and have thorough understanding of layout procedures, blue print reading skills and a strong understanding of precision measuring devices.

General CNC Machinist - Perform close tolerance machining.  Set-up, edit computer memory and operate 2/4 Axis computer numerical controlled turning machines primarily, but also all other machine shop equipment when required.

General Miller Machinist - Perform close tolerance production machining.  Setup and operate CNC and numerical controlled milling machines primarily, but also all other machine shop equipment when required

Heat Treat Furnace Controller - Load, unload, operate and/or direct the operation of several furnaces simultaneously for the heat treating of forgings.  Set and adjust automatic controls, timers and pyrometers for controlling operation and heat of furnaces and quenching.  Basic computer skills are required.

Heat Treat Furnace Operator/Straightener - Set up and lay out forgings to determine straightening required.  Set up parts with appropriate weights and fixtures to straighten to specifications. 

Process Grinder - Visually inspect forgings to detect surface defects. Remove these defects with air grinder, hi-cycle grinder, swing frame grinder or chipping hammer.  Operate shot blast machine, chem mill, to clean surface of forgings as required. 

Sonic Inspector - Inspect forgings and raw materials for internal defects by use of ultrasonic equipment. Must meet and pass internal Level I & II inspection requirements along with external customer certification requirements.

Surface Inspector (NDT) - Inspect forgings and raw materials for defects using Dye Penetrant, Fluorescent Penetrant and Magnetic Particle and Macro Etch inspection methods. Must pass all required Military and customer test requirements for certification.


All inquiries about staffing can be sent to: scjobs@wyman.com.